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Great guest experiences start with a great team experience

The GEM is our popular set of tools that help make you and your teams better, more confident innovators so that you can design, create and capture more value in your guest experience.


The Guest Experience Map®

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The Guest Experience Map® is your storyboard tool to design a new experience or improve a current one. It’s created with a specific set of universal ideas, and is designed as a big-picture assessment of your guests’ experience. It provides you with a framework for creating breakthroughs in three key areas:   

  • What happens BEFORE the guest has booked.

  • What happens DURING the guest’s in-residence time

  • What happens AFTER the guest’s departure

The map systematically lays out how you will attract the right guests and move them toward booking, and then through delivering remarkable guest experiences while unlocking incremental revenue-generation opportunities, and then how you will make guests part of your family for a lifetime.

The Guest Experience Map® helps you create remarkable experiences around 10 key moments.
We call these your 10 Profit Activators:

  1. How we predictably attract our ideal guests

  2. How we educate and motivate

  3. How we create irresistible offerings

  4. How we communicate to guests pre-arrival

  5. How we create a great first impression

  6. How we create a ‘world-class’ in-residence experience

  7. How we say goodbye

  8. How we communicate post-departure

  9. How we make our guests part of our family

  10. How we orchestrate referrals

Here’s how a map can help you.

Tell the story of how your experiences come together

This could be our overall guest experience in general, or a map for specific guest segments, or experiences within your business.

Create a map for offering a new experience

Launching a new experience? The Guest Experience Map® helps you create a plan for how you will deliver this experience.

Identify strategic opportunities in your experiences

By mapping out your current experience, you can identify opportunities for strategic breakthroughs by applying the 10 Profit Activator to each major component of our map.

Design Moments Guest Love


A great guest experience is really about creating a collection of better moments. The GEM cards are a simple and powerful tool to explore a range of possibilities in designing memorable and meaningful moments for our guests.



  • What moments should you focus on?

  • How to design remarkable moments.

  • How to use the GEM cards.

  • 12 remarkable GEMs in the wild.

  • GEM Finder.

  • What makes a great GEM?

Included are blank tools you can print and use with your teams.

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