Collaborate with your peers to design and test breakthrough experiences your guests will love.


The GEM is a tool to help you create breakthroughs in 3 core units of your experience


You’ll learn the latest principles and mindsets that create big strategic breakthroughs in your Guest Experience Map (GEM). The GEM is about breaking your marketing into three units; the BEFORE unit, which gets people to the point of booking; the DURING unit, which provides opportunities for incremental revenue generation;  and the AFTER unit, which focuses on developing relationships to increase repeat bookings and referrals.


Where we’ve presented the GEM so far:

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"The audience not only walked away feeling inspired but were given the tools and confidence to start implementing their own breakthroughs right away. The GEM is truly an innovative approach that is very much needed in our industry today.  "

— Felicia Mariani, CEO
Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC)

A collabaration experience like no other

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Questions we help you tackle:

  • Can we visualise and narrate our guest experience? Either current or desired?

  • Can we improve or create new experience?

  • How do we compel our ideal guest predictably?

  • How do we create irresistible offerings?

  • How can we better understand our guests and create more value?

  • Can we be the best in the world for our ideal guests?

  • Is there additional opportunities to create and capture value with our guests?

  • In the age of social media can we co-create the experience?

  • How to do you design peek moments?

  • How do we design and text new offerings?

  • How do we create a culture of innovating thinking and doing?

  • How do we collaborate to create?

  • How do we make departing guests part of the family?

  • How to orchestrate referrals?