A collaborative tool to help you design a better guest experience, create team alignment and generate results faster


A great guest experience starts with a great team experience

The Guest Experience Map® (GEM) is a toolkit that helps you discover what your guests wants and needs are so that you can design and build experiences they’ll love.


Inside the toolkit:

Best in class examples

100s of great ‘GEMs’ in the wild that you can use to spark your own ideas

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 Power moves

20+ Power Moves designed to create differentiation and competitive advantage

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Experience Steps

Key guest experience moments organised in three units. What happens BEFORE the guest makes a booking, what happens DURING the core experience and what happens AFTER the guest has left

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Designed to help you organise the main ingredients of your experience

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Designed to help you validate your ideas and make them real

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Unlock new opportunities faster

You don’t need a degree to use the GEM, by using our quick guide you and your teams will be able to apply the trigger questions to your own experience and start finding strategic opportunities quickly. When you get stuck the GEM is a quick tool you can always refer back to and use to guide discussions and spark new ideas.  

Clearly visualise how your experiences come together

This could be our overall guest experience for a specific guest segment, or experiences within your business. By visually mapping your experience, gaps will become obvious and new opportunities will present themselves more easily.

Create team alignment

Great guest experiences start with a great team experience. The GEM helps teams get on the same page. When teams have a shared understanding of the guest experience they can contribute to making it better.

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Jesse Desjardins
Creator, Hospitality & Experience Strategist

Jesse is the creator of the Guest Experience Map®, Strategyzer® coach and a leading advisor on innovation to the global travel industry. Jesse leads a consultancy that develops communities, strategies and products for travel brands. During his seven-year tenure as the Global Manager, Social & Content at Tourism Australia, Jesse and his team spoke to millions daily via Tourism Australia’s digital platforms, and created strategies that made Australia the leading destination on social media. Named as one of Skift's most-influential people in travel, Jesse has accumulated several industry accolades, including 3 Cannes Lions, and has collaborated with leading brands and innovators in the business, including Accor, Facebook, GoPro, DJI and Buzzfeed. Jesse has shared his knowledge at various conferences around the world and holds an MBA with a focus in Creative Leadership.

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