Because the GEM tools we’ve created are our passion, we can help you master their application in your business.

Here’s what we can help with:


Mastering the GEM tools

Creating moments and maps in an interactive session to drive your business forward.

Creating innovative business models and value propositions

We’re fans and expert practitioners of the popular Strategyzer® tools. There are no better innovation tools to help you understand your customers, create better products, and grow your business.

Prototyping and testing your GEMS

We can work with you to turn your ideas into working prototypes, reducing risk along the way.

Creating a culture of innovation

We coach leaders and teams to lead innovation in their business.

Designing custom tools

On occasion, we will collaborate with organisations to design new tools to address specific needs.


How we do this


In our most popular option, we collaborate with you remotely in 50-min sessions, either individually or with your team. Every session produces a plan with clear next steps that are well-defined.  


We run a limited number of in-house workshops with you and your teams.

These range from 3-hour sessions to full-day training courses.

Our in-house sessions are a perfect opportunity for your team members to understand the goal of creating GEMs and their development process, and to create shared alignment among team members, while also strengthening and enhancing collaboration.

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Speaking / Masterclass

"The audience not only walked away feeling inspired, but were given the tools and confidence to start implementing their own breakthroughs right away. The GEM is truly an innovative approach that is very much needed in our industry today.  "

— Felicia Mariani, CEO Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC)


We frequently give keynote presentations to associations, businesses and nonprofits. We are based in Asia and Australia, and travel globally. We pride ourselves on our keynote presentations because they bring to life the hospitality concepts we are passionate about and the tools we’ve created to help the industry elevate the guest experience.

Keynote topics include:

Creating Moments Your Guests Love

A presentation that has the audience actively designing and creating memorable and meaningful moments for guests during the presentation. By mastering the GEM cards (one of our trademarked tools) the audience walks away with a practical toolkit they can use to drive innovation in their business.

The 10 Profit Activators

A deep dive into the Guest Experience Map and how to use the 10 profit activators within in. This keynote is customised and based on your specific industry segment and includes examples from within your segment, as well as examples elsewhere that you and your team can learn from.

Great social and PR experiences

In this presentation we share with the audience our successes in designing experiences that guests want to share through their own social media channels.

The Guest Experience Masterclass

Learn the skills, tools, language and process necessary to:

  • Create scalable and repeatable results with our GEM tools

  • Sketch out your existing experiences and brainstorm new offerings

  • Develop a clear understanding of your guest segments, what they love and what they hate

  • Assess your value proposition and business model against competition to help you achieve breakthrough differentiation

  • Reduce the risk of failure through systematic prototyping and testing

  • Play to your strengths and design peak moments for maximum impact

  • Brainstorm new ideas for your experience with concepts, prompts and constraints

  • Create a shared language among your team

  • Turn fluffy discussions into a clear direction

 In this full-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll master the powerful tools we’ve created to help you fuel growth, create a competitive advantage or reinvent your guests’ travel experience.


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