Our tools help hoteliers and experience makers create moments and businesses guests love

Our tools help you think clearly and influence more effectively. They are most useful in the creative process of developing as many ideas as possible so you can narrow down to find the most desirable, feasible and viable option to move forward with.

The Guest Experience Map® (GEM) is a collection of expertise, knowledge and tools to help you and your teams design new experiences visually in the same way an architect does when she imagines a new building.

Just as any hotel needs a renovation at some point, your guest experience also needs to evolve and stay relevant to changing guests behaviours, business strategy and to break through an increasingly competitive landscape.

We’re here to create more confident leaders and innovators in the hospitality and travel industry.

Designing Moments
Our Guests Love

A simple & powerful tool to explore a range of possibilities to design memorable and meaningful moments in our guests’ experience.

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This is our
Guest Experience Map®

It’s how we simply and beautifully understand, design and share how our experience comes together.

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GEMs in the Wild

Weekly, we publish the best GEMs we’ve seen out in the wild. We want to show the best of what others are creating to jump-start creativity in designing GEMs in your own experience.

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