About the GEM


Growing up I would be mesmerised for hours watching How It’s Made, a show about how everyday things are manufactured.


It was amazing to see how items such as cars, marbles, chewing gum and ice cream sandwiches would come together. Even more amazing was the show’s ability to turn complexity into simplicity.

I’ve been a systems thinker since then -- always trying to figure out how complex things were produced, and building systems of my own.

The idea for the Guest Experience Map came about during my tenure at Tourism Australia. As Global Head of Social & Content, I was leading the team responsible for some of the biggest travel social-media profiles in the world.

Our strategy was designed to produce scalable and repeatable results, not just for us, but for the entire Australian tourism industry. It did so incredibly well, even to this day, a mark of a truly great system.

Built with incredible collaboration with thousands of tourism operators across the country I noticed a similar pattern: That the best experiences always had a good system behind them.

There isn’t a simple step-by-step series of tactics for creating an innovative experience, but the right tools can act as a compass for you and your team.

We’ve collaborated with the best in travel, tourism and hospitality to bring even more creativity to this industry.

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I also believe that tourism is a global force for good and that it’s one of the most powerful industries to drive positive change in the world.

I wake up every morning to be part of that change.

Jesse Desjardins, lead founder + creator